Three Tips For Healthy + Happy Kids!

Healthy + happy kids are the best kind of kids to have! Of course, it’s what we all want. Here’s three easy steps to ensure your children are healthy and happy!

1. Movement

It is imperative for our kids to ‘move’ these days! So often we feel the need to structure this into blocks of time with soccer practice, learning karate, or other extra-curricular activities. Make movement part of the routine with your kids! Play tag with them outside or around the house. Put on some music and have a 10 minute ‘crazy dance’ session. The crazier the better! Buy a hula hoop and get them gyrating their bodies. Put on a yoga dvd and show them how to breathe and stretch.

Your children’s bodies will benefit greatly from the exercise and their natural immune system will get a boost. Physical activity is crucial to a happy, balanced child!

2. Nutrition

Everybody talks about nutrition and uses words like ‘healthy’ or ‘natural’. But here’s the thing. Did you know the word ‘natural’ has no legal definition? Real nutrition comes from the produce section of your grocery store. A rule of thumb is this:

The closer to the ground the food is, the more nutritious it is.

What do I mean? A carrot is full of nutrition. Carrot cake is not nearly as nutritious. An apple is loaded with nutrition. Apple sauce will have less.

The ultimate in nutrition is dark, leafy greens. But those can be difficult to say the least to feed to kids! Understatement, right? So use your blender and your imagination. Grab some spinach and a couple of bananas, add some water. Blend that up. It will taste sweet and look green.

Of course, cut back on anything with sugar in it! And avoid fast foods. They are causing a whole boatload of health problems for kids and adults alike.

3. Listen

The third step is simply to listen. Tune in. So often we get caught up in our adult worlds of business and ‘big’ problems. When our kids come to us to tell us about their friend at school or someone who was mean to them, truly listen. Look into their eyes and care. Give them a hug. Find ways to express your unconditional love. Let them know that no matter what, you will love them. Love is not based on performance. Love is always there. Your kids will always feel your love.


In summary, get those heartbeats up, fill them up with real fruits and vegetables and give them lots of love. Just common sense isn’t it? Nowadays it’s easy to lose sight of that.

Enjoy your children. And smile.