RnRTV#2: IMVF Indie Music Video Festival

November 10, 2005



Quicktime :: Windows

Music in this episode:

  • Crushed by the Vandals
  • Fluorescent Lighting by Sounds of Asteroth
  • Gun Called Justice by Lords of the New Church performed by the Dead Dogs

Alright! The main location in this episode is our recording studio. Yeah, baby. Ya gotta love that leopard print. Dig it, yeah! Thanks for watching!!!


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7 Responses to “RnRTV#2: IMVF Indie Music Video Festival”

  1. Juan Says:

    AWESOME second episode!!!
    Great editing, great info, and I liked the chande of scenery!
    I’m going to go and check the website of Sounds of Asteroth!!!
    Rock on!!!!


  2. starfire Says:

    That episode was really great! Super pro looking, nice pacing, great sound and sharp image.
    There is so much awesome new content in Vlogland lately.
    Keep up the great work.


  3. jessica~ Says:

    Great episode… are you going to clog your toilets? [Sorry, that’s just the way my mind thinks, I guess.]


  4. share Says:

    hey jessica….good question! we actually reach in and frantically remove the offending photograph before it goes all the way down the loo! however, the last time…(tommy lee)…i managed to grab it so frantically that i smashed up the toilet roll holder! ha! so it’s safe to say….we’re smashing up the house while filming rock n roll tv!


  5. Aaron the Truck Driver Says:

    I dont know about that sounds of ester..roth?
    But your rockandrolltv videos are very well put together.
    ANd she is cute!


  6. Ian Mills Says:

    I’m loving that ‘I Am Crushed’ video and these shows are excellent. Keep ’em coming 🙂
    – Ian


  7. Zeke Tailunit Says:

    hey there! love the show! small comment though, rausch is not german for just being drunk, yeah i know that would be perfectly rock ‘n roll but rausch means intoxication in general but it also means noise. so there you go, a small german lesson you can forget right away anyways. did i say something?


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