RnRTV#1: RnRTV is born!

November 8, 2005



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Hey, welcome to our first episode!  We’re figuring out this video blogging thing and hope you’ll enjoy the ride along with us. It’s only rock n roll but we like it.


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12 Responses to “RnRTV#1: RnRTV is born!”

  1. adam Says:

    Hey, glad to see you got the videoblog figured out. Well done!
    Check out http://freevlog.org/#step6
    Get an RSS feed with enclosures so people can subscribe to your videos with iTunes and FireANT.
    Does Bubble ever get out to the East Coast?
    Long live Rock.


  2. Bill Streeter Says:

    Hey nice work. Glad to see some other rock-n-rollers doing this. And thanks for the link. Let me know if you need any help or advice, email me any time.


  3. randy mann Says:

    cool more loacal rock. now its me you and bill.is there a rss feed in this site??


  4. 93mm Says:

    nice video. love the intro!
    not even a fan of rock but ended up watching the entire thing.
    keep it up.


  5. Juan Says:

    HI, saw you E-mail in the yahoogroup…
    WAO, great show! Loved it. I’ll be tunning in!!!!
    Please get an RSS FEED so we can subscribe to you!!!!
    Can I give you guys some constructive comments?
    First, camera 2 can have a different shot (CU for example) than camera 1, and you can change it to a MS as the show progresses.
    Also, type all the links you mention.
    Once again, GREAT show!
    Oh, and i liked the music video, great stuff.


  6. Juan Says:

    I forgot to mention that I also did a music video to a band here in LA last February, here’s the link if you want to see it.


  7. starfire Says:

    I love watching first episodes. I’ll subscribe and watch the develpoment.


  8. Matty C Says:

    Hey Bam & Sher,
    Hello from San Francisco. What a great idea your v-cast is! You did one hell of an amazing job there. The quality is aces!! And the Bender song kicks Ass (like all Bubble hits)!! And the vid is really GREAT! Nice job.
    I used to be the drummer in Blue Period, you came up here and played our club Glitz. Now we’re doing something a little different. Check it out.


  9. jessica~ Says:

    Do you guys ever stop? I hope not because your creative output is incredible! Love the indie net rock broadcasts!!


  10. Lazybones Says:

    you guys are so fucking BADASS. its inspiring. hope to see you soon. xo Liberty


  11. Ian Mills Says:

    Deadender is definitely my new favourite song of the moment. I actually just keep the intro page of planetbubble.com loaded just to listen to it. The video is excellent too.
    – Ian


  12. Cruninov Says:

    Class site.
    Your site has very much liked me.
    Different work!!!


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