RnRTV #72: Astra Heights at the Key Club

October 22, 2007


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Astra Heights
perform at the Key Club in Hollywood. Take the chemistry of four brothers, add one honorary brother, mix with guitars, lots of vocal harmonies and excellent melodies…. you’ll see why Astra Heights are a band to watch.

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18 Responses to “RnRTV #72: Astra Heights at the Key Club”

  1. Rachel Ramirez Says:

    That was great! I LOVE THE ASTRA HEIGHTS!


  2. Phil Says:

    Freaking love Astra Heights. Thank you for this!!!


  3. Chelsea D Says:

    Omg so awsome i love astra heights!!There so awsome!! and omg im so in that video!!


  4. Jacob Mendoza Says:

    Astra height brothers Mark, James Josh & Tim morales are my cousins. Since day 1, I have been supporting them 100%. I have three of there albums and i love to play my guitar and follow along with the beat. Can’ t wait to hear there new album. Astra Heights ROCK!!!
    – # 1 Fan,
    Jacob M.


  5. Tricia Lynn Says:

    Pinch me, I’m dreaming! Bravo you guys…definitely your “Good Problems” beat my good problems cuz some days I wish I was rocking out instead of changing a sh*T diaper!@


  6. Theresa Says:

    AStra Heights rock and rule!!!!!!! This interview is awesome! Great interview by Share! She rocks!! And she’s pretty! Congratulations, guys!!!!! I love you!!!!


  7. Roosevelt Says:

    Astra Heights, greetings from your roots!!! Congratulations on a great interview. It was really put together well. I’m very proud of you guys! You’re always in my prayers! Keep up the good work!! Love, dad


  8. Ruby Says:

    Ya’ll have always been so awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!!! See ya later!!!- ruby


  9. brittney Says:

    hey cuzins.. yal are great. i love ya…. keep up the good work.. cant wait to see yalll


  10. jeanette Says:

    You guys rock! When are you coming back to Austin?


  11. Aunt Patty Says:

    Excellent, excellent I may be old fashion but your sounds are fantastic. Good luck and be safe in your travels… Tons of love.


  12. Aunt Patty Says:

    Excellent, excellent, I may be old fashion but your sounds are fantastic. Good luck and be safe in your travels… Tons of love.


  13. jose latigo Says:

    SWEET SWEET music!! you guys ROCK!!!!


  14. MC Aguirre Says:

    You all are something special! What is the matter with this country!?! We need you on the radio waves immediately!


  15. unca johnny Says:

    i like your new website! can’t wait to buy the new cd. the teachers from YES COLLEGE PREP WANT TO HEAR YOU IN CONCERT!!! i wanna hear you in concert. good luck the rest of the way. stay away from bad gigs and strange women. love, uncle johnny.


  16. Liz Says:

    Wow, you guys sound great! Marky Baby you rock! Keep up the good work, the whole world changes because of you!


  17. Liz S. Says:

    You guys ROCK!!! The interview was great! You are all so GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see you guys rockin’ in Houston again! GOD BLESS! PEACE!


  18. Jacob Mendoza Says:

    Can’t believe the good problems album is finally out. I’m going to try my best to support you and can’t wait to see you guys in tex. Peace & love CUZINS.
    -Jacob Paul


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