RnRTV #305: RnR Ponzi Scheme and STP Anger Fans

September 23, 2012


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It’s time for some rock news comin’ at ya fast and furious! This episode: A rock n roll ponzi scheme; Chuck Berry is reunited with a stolen guitar; Fiona Apple spends night in jail and STP piss off Canadian fans.

When you think ponzi scheme, you usually think.. wall street business dude. But this time, LA based UK guitarist Marino De Silva faces up to 8 years in prison for scamming investors out of millions. De Silva told investors he had unreleased tracks by Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Carlos Santana and the Stones. He also claimed to be a famous producer and said he was gonna remaster and release the unreleased tracks in his possession. He also claimed to be a Grammy winner, a close friend of Keith Richards and a producer of charity records… except he never actually gave the money he raised to charity.
Apparently he took people for millions using his Angels on Earth Foundation as a front.
So how was it a ponzi scheme? De Silva kept moving the money around, giving investors tiny portions owed to them all the while.. spending the rest of the cashola.
Oh he did deliver recordings but they weren’t the promised unreleased tracks by famous artists but were instead poor quality covers recorded by De Silva himself.

Chuck Berry has been reunited with a priceless guitar that was stolen from his home. Chuck was robbed three times in the last week and the police finally caught the thieves on their third attempt and the officers found the guitar in one of the suspects homes.

American Idol have finally chosen their new judges to replace Steven Tyler and J Lo… Rapper Nicki Minaj and Country star, Keith Urban.

Rush’s Clockwork Angels: The Novel has hit the New York Times bestseller list.

Fiona Apple spent the night in jail after police searched her tour bus at a checkpoint in Texas near the Mexico border and found four grams of hashish in her possession.

Patrick Carney the drummer for the Black Keys got married last week.

Lindsay Lohan has been arrested again as it turns out there was a surveillance tape of her porsche clipping a pedestrian.

Jessica Simpson is wearing her infamous cut off shorts Daisy Dukes once again!

Stone Temple Pilots have pissed off fans in Canada after appearing late for a show and then playing a super short set and then… canceling the following night’s performance… all without an explanation. Scott Weiland and company left fans waiting for 105 minutes in Abbotsford BC and several fans simply gave up and left. A statement went out basically saying that Scott Weiland was put on 48 hours vocal rest.

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  1. Neil Says:

    Haha, that’s the Marino who is the brother of Lisa Dominique! Remember her in the eighties, showing off her ‘talents’ in the UK rock mags? Turns out he was the one with the talent (for ripping people off).

    And Jessica Simpson has nothing on you Share!


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