RnRTV #303: Randy Blythe Freed and Duff McKagan Helps A Kid

September 7, 2012


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Lookin’ for bite size rock news? You got it with Rock n Roll TV! This episode: Randy Blythe from Lamb of God; Aerosmith confirm release; Lady Gaga not married and neither is Adele and Duff McKagan helps a dream come true.

Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe has been freed from prison in the Czech Republic where he’d been held for five weeks in connection with the death of a fan. However his troubles are far from over. The band are auctioning off equipment and memorabilia to pay for his legal bills and he still has a charge of manslaughter hanging over him which will require him to stand trial in Prague. If you are interested in donating go to Justice Now.

Aerosmith has set November 6 as the official release date for their new album, Music From Another Dimension. This will be their first studio album of all new material in 11 years. When asked about the long space in between albums, Tyler responded, “It’s not that it took ten years, … we were busy getting ready!”

Lady Gaga may have looked like a bride with her boyfriend in the video for You and I, but she has made it publicly clear that she’s only 26 and wants to party and screw around like other young women her age.

John Mayer has been banned from singing for six months after undergoing throat surgery last week. He’ll have to be silent for a few months and no singing for probably six but this should be the last step in getting to perform again.

The Rolling Stones have a new film coming out this fall on HBO called Crossfire Hurricane. Meanwhile they have been recording tracks in Paris.

The one and only Freddie Mercury is set to become an Angry Bird to celebrate the annual Freddie For A Day event which raises awareness for AIDS.
Justin Beiber is OKAY after two photographers smashed their cars into one another trying to get a shot of superstar.

Adele took to twitter to set the record straight.. she is NOT married.
Duff McKagan teamed up with The Make-A-Wish foundation to help make a cancer stricken boy’s rock n roll dream come true. 13 year old Simone Capelli was flown from Italy to Seattle to headline a sold out show at the Hard Rock with some help from his new friends… namely, Duff McKagan and local band Rewind. How cool!

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