RnRTV #302: Official Hagar Day and Cooper Crashes ROA!

August 31, 2012


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You’re lookin’ for fast rock news like a drive thru of music news! You got it! This episode of Rock n Roll TV: California city declares Sammy Hagar Day; Rammstein blamed for shooting; Zep book coming out and Alice Cooper gate crashed ROA!

California city has declared September 15 2012 will officially be Sammy Hagar Day. The date also marks the Grand Opening of the Red Rocker’s new restaurant Sammy’s Rockin’ island Bar and Grill in Roseville… and yes, Sammy will perform live at the restaurant that day… What I wanna know is… So does that mean if you’re in the state of California … you can drive any speed ya want on September 15?

Metal band, Rammstein are being blamed for a school shooting in the US after the media discovered a quote from frontman Till Lindemann on the gunman’s Facebook page. 15 year old student, Bobby Gladden describes himself as a metalhead but the New York Daily News called him a misfit obsessed with Rammstein..  Bobby is under arrest for attempted murder after launching an armed assault on a 17 year old on the first day of the new term. Interesting how the media picked up on the reference to Rammstein but ignored the mentions of McDonald’s which will seriously rot your brain and lesser known band, Beneath the Sky. C’mon.

Eddie Van Halen underwent an emergency surgery for a severe bout of diverticulitis. He is expected to recover within 4-6 months.

Hall and Oates Super PAC which stands for political action committee was a political group set up by two fans and has since disbanded as the veteran 70’s rockers reached out and said.. hey dudes.. not cool to name something after us as we are not exactly associated with you.

Calling all Zep fans… Light & Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page is a new book of interviews with the legendary guitarist that comes out on October 23rd.

Bon Scott: The Legend of AC/DC went into pre-production in March. The movie will deal with the months leading up to AC/DC’s breakthrough and the singer’s tragic death in 1990.

Kim Kardashian is NOT pushing for divorce from Kris Humphries so she can be with Kanye West.

Bobby Brown spent three weeks in rehab!

Shock Rock legend Alice Cooper gate crashed the London performance of Rock of Ages and performed School’s Out getting the crowd to join in.

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