RnRTV #300 – Dio’s House and Slash Talks Sesame Street

August 14, 2012


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Wanna get rock news in a fast and furious way? Welcome to Rock n Roll TV! This episode: Dio’s childhood home for sale; Queensryche dispute; Scott Gorham memoir coming out and Slash talks about Sesame Street.

Calling all Dio fans. Ronnie James Dio’s childhood home is for sale on eBay. It’s a 3 bedroom house in Cortland, NY just south of Syracuse. The minimum starting bid is $90,000 and you have until August 31 to bid on it. Allegedly, he rehearsed in this very garage and who knows? Maybe you’ll pick up the vibes and become a legendary lead singer if you buy this house. Last time I looked, there were zero bids and it was still sitting at 90k.

Queensryche are in the news a lot right now and this time it’s over accusations that the new singer is using tapes of Geoff Tate’s voice at live shows. Todd La Torre says no way.. it’s all him and the bassist singing live.

KISS and Motley Crue donated $100,000 to the fund that was set up to help victims and families who were hurt in the Colorado shooting.

Aerosmith are planning a busy fall around their new release, Music From Another Dimension.

Thin Lizzy guitarist, Scott Gorham has penned a memoir, THe Boys Are Back in Town which hits stores on November 16th.

The Beastie Boys have sued Monster Energy Drink for copyright infringement stating they unlawfully used 26 songs.
Justin Bieber’s big screen debut could hit cinemas next year!

Mariah Carey has replaced J Lo on Idol and Britney has started taping for the X Factor!

Slash has done everything … played in the most legendary rock band, shared the stage with Michael Jackson, he has his own line of Gibson signature guitars.. but there is one gig he has never been able to land: Sesame Street. He says, “There’s no way I’d ever turn Sesame Street down, but I don’t know if parents would think I’m the best public influence on little kids.”
Which leaves one to ponder.. what would Slash play for the kids?

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