RnRTV #297 – Stones 50th Plans and Boss n Macca Shutdown!

July 24, 2012


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Lookin’ for fast and furious rock news? You got it! The Stones throw hints around 50th plans; Boss and Macca shutdown in London; Tyler leaves and JLo follows; Meat Loaf sues tribute act.

The Stones… 50 years … will they tour or won’t they? At a recent London exhibition of photographs taken throughout the Stones career… Mick said yes, they would start playing live shows this fall. Keith was a bit more tight lipped about it saying that his lips were sealed. Meanwhile.. the band have been rehearsing in New York and were joined there by former bassist, Bill Wyman.

The Boss and Macca aka Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney had the plug pulled on them in London’s Hyde Park. There they were rocking’ out together… I saw Her Standing There and Twist and Shout… and somebody … somewhere decided that three hours was enough and bosh… that was it. They couldn’t even say thank you to the audience. Unreal.

Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman is finally free of the flesh eating disease that struck him early last year and is working on strengthening his arm so he can tour again.

An eBay bidder spent around $15000 on a rare version of the Beatle’s first US album.

Passion Pit have cancelled several US shows after frontman Michael Angelakos said he needs to take time out to improve his mental health.

Steven Tyler has left American Idol to get back to Aerosmith full time and J-Lo says .. it won’t be the same without him so she has left too.

Lindsay Lohan just filmed a bed scene with porn star James Dean Indulge for the film The Canyons.

Britney Spears says she feels confused about her wedding plans.
Meat Loaf is suing a Meat Loaf tribute act. Dean Torkington for $100,000. Dean is sitting on meatloaf.org and has been accused of being an imposter. Dean says he has gone back to being an Elton John tribute act as a result of all this.

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