RnRTV #290: Axl Rose Late and David Gilmour Bomb!

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Rock n Roll TV gives you the music news from all over the Universe! Axl Rose & co pre planned their lateness; Wanna be buried where Elvis was; Gaga cancels and David Gilmour unearths WWII bomb!

It was 13 hours before Axl Rose and co were scheduled to hit the stage and the road crew at GnR’s Glasgow show were told to expect a late start. This tiny piece of information calls into question the frontman’s insistence that he doesn’t mean to keep fans waiting, and it simply happens by accident. This means that at 9 am GnR knew that instead of finishing around 10:30 pm, they were not going to finish playing until at least 1 am.

Have you ever said, Hey I’m gonna be buried where Elvis Presley was? Now’s your chance. Te original crypt in which Elvis was buried is going up for auction with the bidding set to start at $100,000.

Kanye West says he wants to work on amusement parks and change entertainment experiences.

Lady Gaga canceled her upcoming concert in Indonesia due to security concerns after weeks of protests from religious groups in the country.

Aerosmith will finally release their new album Music From Another Dimension on August 28th with the first single Legendary Child out on iTunes now.

Bun E Carlos of Cheap Trick… says yes, he’s still a member of the band even though he doesn’t tour with them anymore and he hasn’t spoken to them for quite some time.
The rumors flew around the Justin and Selena broke up. But they are still together.

Lindsay Lohan is not happy with the actors auditioning for the Richard Burton role for the TV movie where she’ll play Dame Elizabeth Taylor.
Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour
and his wife were forced to flee their home after an unexploded World War II incendiary device was unearthed nearby. Their six story mansion in East Sussex was undergoing renovations and builders discovered a 150 cm pipe shaped device which caused the alarm. The area was evacuated and a Navy bomb disposal team were called in who identified the device as a German weapon and removed it safely. No one was injured.

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