RnRTV #280: Nikki Sixx Vs Kirk Cameron Plus Queen/Lambert

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Rock n Roll TV with the latest music news in short tasty bites for your busy life! Nikki Sixx versus Kirk Cameron; New ebook claim Lennon was bulimic; Osbournes new tv show and Queen/Lambert controversy.

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has taken on actor Kirk Cameron over his gay bashing comments on Piers Morgan’s CNN show. Cameron who was a child actor on tv’s “Growing Pains” in his teens has launched his own religious programs and networks. He spoke out against homosexuality on CNN calling it “unnatural”. Nikki tweeted and called Cameron “Ass hole of the week.”

A new book about rock music icons titled BackStage Pass VIP claims that John Lennon loved to eat food such as bowls of Rice Krispies topped with ice cream but then forced himself to be sick afterwards as he hated the feeling of being full. In other words, claiming that John was bulimic. Yoko Ono has completely denied this saying John did not have an eating disorder and explained his diets included a vegetarian diet, macrobiotic diet and very rarely a juice diet.

Original Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante says he’s not comfortable attending the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame ceremony for the peppers but thanks for the invite.

The Scorpions are back for more dates on their farewell tour from 2010 .

Sony Music has confirmed that a number of Michael Jackson’s tracks have been stolen after their website was hacked.

The Osbournes are coming back to tv but this time they will be animated versions of themselves in a new sitcom called The F’n Osbournes.
Justin Bieber’s Mom is writing an intimate memoir about her troubled youth.

Paparazzi waiting to snap a photo of Lindsay Lohan got mixed up and photographed Debbie Harry instead… 41 years older than Lilo.
Queen have been taking flack from their fans about recruiting Adam Lambert as the new singer. Festival organizer Stuart Galbraith has spoken about booking Queen and Lambert for the summer’s headline event at Sonisphere Knebworth and warned fans that if they are looking for a Freddie Mercury show then they aren’t going to get it. Knebworth was Freddie’s last show with Queen 26 years ago.

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