RnRTV #262 – Steven Tyler, Paul Stanley, Metallica and Happy Halloween!

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Rock n Roll TV for all of your rock news! Hosted by Share Ross! This episode – Steven Tyler falls in hotel room in Paraguay; Paul Stanley confirms vocal cord surgery; Metallica can’t sit still; Nikki Sixx confirms surgery; Who is the scariest monster of them all?

Steven Tyler had a small accident in his hotel room in Paraguay. Apparently, he was battling food poisoning, began to feel nauseous in the shower and that’s when he just fell on his face. He was treated for three hours in the hospital for cuts near his eyebrow and mouth. He also lost two teeth in the process. Aerosmith had to postpone their gig by a day but he’s back at it again. Steven wants to reassure everyone, this was simply an accident, not a relapse.

KISS frontman Paul Stanley has confirmed that he’s had surgery on his vocal cords. The band has a new album in the works, Monster which is due out next year. Meanwhile, blues singer songwriter John Mayer is on orders to rest his voice for a month after undergoing surgery to remove a granulma growth on his vocal cords.

Metallica just can’t sit still. The album they did with Lou Reed, Lulu is not even released yet but they have started writing and recording their next album with Rick Rubin which they promise will be very very cool.

Sammy Hagar has offered his services as manager if Guns n Roses would revive their classic lineup!

Noel Gallagher has confirmed that there will be no Oasis reunion for the 20th anniversary of their seminal What’s the Story album.

John Lennon pulled out a tooth in the late 60’s and gave it to his housekeeper as a souvenir. Now it’s up for auction and experts reckon it could be all yours for about 10,000 pounds!

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx is recovering nicely after knee surgery.

It’s true. Ozzy Osbourne has gone vegan. He made the switch after watching the documentary Forks Over Knives. The man who bit the head off a live dove will no longer eat meat, fish, poultry, dairy, eggs, cheese and no honey.
Jessica Simpson tweeted a photo from a NYC department store bathroom! Ewwww.

Justin Beiber was pulled over while driving his Batmobile.
In honor of Halloween… Billboard magazine ran a poll… who is the scariest monster of them all? Is it Lady Gaga? Alice Cooper? Marilyn Manson? Ozzy Osbourne? The winner… with his creepy videos, gravelly voice and bondage style outfits is Marilyn Manson. He is truly a nightmare.

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