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The best 4inkjets promo code is RRTV13 to save you 10% off your orders and you’ll get free shipping on orders over $50.

Here at Rock n Roll TV we like to be as green as possible. So we use recycled paper for all of our scripts and we try to keep our printing to a minimum. Even so, boy do we go through the ink! Now, we keep it stocked up by using our coupon code and we always have ink on hand. It saves us money and more importantly, it keeps things moving forward so we’re always ready.

It’s crucial to keep your business moving ahead and one of the keys to that is preparation. Now, you can be prepared for any printing you might need to do. Whether it is printing out important documents so they can faxed or they can be sent to someone, printers are simply a part of life!

The thing that amazed me was how quickly they shipped our ink to us. When I am getting free shipping I usually think it is going to take a week or more. But I ordered on a Monday and had my ink by Wednesday. Now maybe that is due to where we live or something. Even so, that is what I call fast free shipping.

You might be wondering but how is the ink quality? It is terrific! We print out photos too and you need good quality ink for that. We’ve never had a problem or had issues with a cartridge that would not work.

So the next time you need printer supplies for your inkjet printer or fax machine or laser printer, remember to to go 4inkjets.com and use our coupon code RRTV13 to save 10% on orders over $50. There are some exclusions but most of it works!

Use our affiliate¬†promo code RRTV13 and you’ll save 10% on your next order. You can keep using that code again and again, too. It’s what us clever cyber beasts do. We save money when we shop online. He he.

  1. Copy this code: RRTV13
  2. Then go to www.4inkjets.com and shop for what you need.
  3. Paste the code into the box to instantly get the 10% discount over $50. *
  4. You’ll also get free shipping on your order.
  5. Smile at your discount! (It feels good to save money!)

4inkjets promo code rrtv13

Remember, you can get all of your printer supplies at a hefty discount plus FREE shipping on orders over $50 and then save even more with our printer ink discount code RRTV13!

*The Coupon “RRTV13” Will Give You 10% Off All Products Except OEM Ink Cartridges and Free Shipping on All U.S. Contiguous Orders Over $50. This coupon is only valid for orders placed online.

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