How To Deal With Error U162 Or U163

I have a lovely Canon MX310 Printer that has been going strong for a long time now. Our site offers the 4inkjets coupon code RRTV and I use that code myself! So sometimes, I have to deal with an error because I’m not using the OEM ink cartridges. (I think the coupon codes don’t apply to those.)

If like me you are using refilled inkjet cartridges and you get the error U162 or U163, I have compiled a list of steps of what to do and then you can carry on your happy printing way!!!!

  1. Turn off your printer and turn it on again.
  2. After the printer initializes, try to copy or print something. The error will appear again.
  3. When the error is displayed on the display panel of the printer, press and hold the STOP/RESET button and wait until it self restarts.
  4. Release the STOP/RESET button while the printer is restarting.
  5. Wait for a few seconds and the pending print jobs will commence.

This will only work with certain Canon printers as far as I know. But it has sure saved my ass several times.

Hope it helps because inexpensive ink is the way to go! Happy printing.

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