How To Act On A First Date!

So you’ve used our coupon code ROCK and now the big day is here. You’ve got yourself a first date.

Here’s a list of reminders of how to handle yourself so it all goes smoothly.

  1. Keep the topics of conversation a bit on the superficial side. Stick to music, movies, food, celebrity gossip. This way you can still get to know each other without getting into anything too controversial. Plus you will find out what you have in common which is a great way to build a relationship!
  2. When your date is talking, actually listen. Stop yourself from looking around the room or playing with your hair or clothing. Instead, pay attention to what they’re saying and act interested, even if you’re not. If nothing else, it’s great practice for your auditory skills!
  3. Everyone says to ask a million questions but you want to be careful so you don’t come across like the Spanish Inquisition! Just ask the questions that organically progress through the conversation.
  4. If you get stuck and there’s an awkward moment of silence… feel free to laugh and announce it! You will be saying out loud what your date is already thinking. You will both relax.

What if you don’t like your date and you know you do not want another one?

  1. Mention your last break up and how you are still getting over it. This gives you the ‘out’ of saying you’re just not ready for anything yet.
  2. Talk about a friend you think would be perfect for your date to meet.
  3. If nothing is working, tell them you just moved back in with your parents and are looking for a job. This usually signifies loser status and most dates will end right there! LOL

What if you adore your date and are hoping for another date?

  1. Smile and look into their eyes with meaning while you ask them about their all time favorite movie. They will feel your energy. You don’t have to be blatant.
  2. Be sure to mention how much you both have in common. Drop a hint by saying you’d love to spend time to discover more things you both enjoy.
  3. Be prepared by checking out upcoming events before this date so if you are truly interested you can ask them if they’d like to attend a gallery opening or a play with you. Be forward but not pushy.

We hope to hear your stories of everlasting love! Good luck with Match and finding your soul mate.

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