FAQ | Who is Rock n Roll TV?

The answers to all of your questions!

Who is Rock n Roll TV and how did it begin?

Rock n Roll TV is Bam and Share Ross, a married couple of lifelong rockers living in Los Angeles. We combined our talents of film making, video editing, graphic design and knowledge of music…to dive in to the video podcasting world and voila! Here we are.

We read an article about podcasting in general which featured a friend of ours, Michael Butler (Rock and Roll Geek). From there, we just jumped in the deep end of the pool and started making shows.

We started Rock n Roll TV in November 2005 because we were frustrated with the available options offered by corporate television and American radio. Offering the upper echelon of up and coming bands along with some established groups and cutting it into very short episodes to make it a fast magazine style show for viewers to discover new music ranging from punk, garage, surf, rock and whatever suits our fancy.

Do you have a crew?

No. We do everything ourselves. There is no wizard behind the curtain. Actually, Bam does most of it!

You used to film bands and now you deliver the news. Why the change?

That’s a tough question. The clubs in Hollywood started closing down due to the recession and then they wanted to charge us exorbitant amounts of money to come in and film the unknown bands. So we had to make a shift. We hope you like the news format!

Do you ever wear t-shirts of bands to help promote them?

Yes! All the time. If you are a band and want me to advertise for you, hit me up on Facebook and tell me what ya got! I love to help out bands and clothing companies by wearing their fashions.

Do you play in a band?

Yes. We had a band called Bubble. We’ve toured the UK, Japan and the West Coast of the States. We also won Song of the Year in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2000. Share won Best Female Guitarist in Los Angeles not once, but twice!

Now we have a new band called The Lovestains. We also have a recording studio and produce bands.

Didn’t you used to be in…..?

Yes, Share was in Vixen and Contraband. Yes, Bam was in the Dogs D’Amour and The Wildhearts.

Where can I get hold of you?

Facebook is a good place to reach us.
Bam on Facebook.
Share on Facebook.

Where can I see more of Bam’s photography?

Bam has been involved in photos and film since the young age of 7. He has a photography site here:bamrossphotography.com. It is, of course, constantly being updated and you can see photos of many rockers from Rock n Roll TV alongside the likes of Ashlee Simpson, Lifehouse and Angels and Airwaves.

What’s this about a knitting book?

Share took a fancy to knitting a while back and ended up getting a book published of her designs – Punk Knits. All the designs are inspired by legendary musicians and the models are all rockers and scenesters from Hollywood. (Many of them have been on RnRTV.) Bam did all the photography and book can be found in most book shops or on Amazon.

Any other podcasts planned?

Yes. We had a raw food show for a while called Raw Pirate Gourmet. Now we have Nearly The News, a satire news show and Improve Your Life, a comedy show based on Dr. Billy who has got to be the worst motivational speaker in the world!