Falling In Love With Internet Dating

Is the myth true? Can you find your soul mate with internet dating?

Of course, you can! Life has changed. But sometimes, we get attached to the old ways of doing things and think that because they are ‘old’ they are somehow better.

Step back in time with me to a hundred years ago. You are single. You are looking for love. You go and meet with the village matchmaker. She asks you a lot of personal questions about what you want in a spouse, about what you like to do. She asks you what you have to bring to the relationship. She wants to know as much about you as possible so that she can find you the right partner!

Eventually, she sends for you and tells you she has three potential partners for you. You go and meet them and find out if the sparks fly. Happily, one of them is perfect for you and you’re amazed at how well-suited to one another you are. You invite the village matchmaker to your wedding and live happily ever after.

Back in the present time, Match.com IS the village matchmaker! It’s exclusive system of qualifying your likes and dislikes with an intense set of profile questions is a fine tuned version of the matchmaker’s questions.

The website will present you with choices. It’s up to you to act upon it.

So you see? It’s not really that different from the days of old!

With these exceptions…

It’s a whole lot faster, more accurate and of course… thanks to the internet, you can see photographs of your potential partners in advance!

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