About Us

We started Rock n Roll TV in November, 2005 out of a love of video and a love of music. Rock n Roll TV is edited, filmed and produced (all that fancy post production stuff) by Bam. The host is me, Share Ross. We love bringing you the rock news in fast, tasty bites so you can get the best of what’s out there and be up to date on your fave bands.

There is so much ‘stuff’ online sometimes you can get overwhelmed. We give you a streamlined, fun, fast-paced energetic music news show that some viewers say reminds them of MTV in the ‘old days’ when they actually used to report the news. We take that as a compliment!

You can find 4 episodes per month. We try to shoot weekly but sometimes get off by a day or two.

We are totally DIY and dig what we do. We shoot on a Sony PD 150 but are switching over to an HD format with a Canon 20d. The quality and look of HD video even on the internet is so lovely!

We’re proud to be part of the Mevio network of shows. Mevio host our videos and give us tons of support and love!

You can find us on Facebook at our fan page and of course we’d love to hear from you via comments on FB as well.

You can also subscribe through iTunes or any RSS feed! And yes, we are on Youtube, too.