3 Tips For A Successful Home Business

I have almost always worked from my house. As a web designer, travel agent, book author, SEO specialist, and video editor.

Over the years I have figured out 3 tips for running a successful home business.

1. Take yourself out somewhere for lunch or coffee once or twice a week. Because you are working from home there is a tendency to work, work, work! It’s wonderful to have no commute outside of the 15 feet between your bedroom and your office but you have to change your environment to keep you inspired and on target! If you’re on a tight budget I highly recommend going to a large chain book store and picking out a book you would like to browse while you sip an inexpensive cup of tea. You’ll be amazed at how it can recharge your energy!

2. Write a business plan. Even if you are the only employee and you have not yet incorporated, write a business plan of where you see your business in 6 months, in a year, in 5 years. It gets you thinking about where you want it to go. Get very specific.

3. Preparation, preparation, preparation! It’s crucial to be prepared for the huge number of clients you are about to get! Have your phone lines up and running, fax machine ready to go, printer online and working and definitely, have enough inkjet cartridges to keep printing those contracts you will be signing for all of your new business!

Good luck in your endeavors and hope to read about you in Forbes magazine!

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